Bansal’s 4th Quarter Fundraising a Major Success

Bansal’s 4th Quarter Fundraising a Major Success

Krishna Bansal 4th Quarter Fundraising a Major Success

(Aurora)- Results are in, and Krishna Bansal (R-Naperville), has opened up a huge advantage in fundraising over his primary opponent.

Bansal collected $210,151 in the quarter, including his own $25,000 personal donation, and $25,000 loan.

Rick Laib, of Joliet, reported $5,245, Including his own $500 loan.

Krishna for Congress Communications Director Jon Zahm said, “One of the clearest indications of support for a candidate is how much money they raise. And we are very pleased with the donations that have come in so far, as well as the impressive amount of endorsements, and grassroots enthusiasm, we have seen.”

Bansal formally launched the campaign to defeat four term incumbent Bill Foster (D-Naperville) with a kick-off December 14 at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. It drew a large crowd of 200, including 20 state and local elected officials. Most of the fundraising for the quarter occurred in the 16 days after that event.

Bansal said, “I am humbled by the support to date, and we will continue to work hard to win back the 11th District for the people, not the politicians or the special interests.”


Bansal filing…

Laib filing…


Krishna Bansal is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an active community leader who believes in giving back to his community. He is also the Chairman of Indian Community Outreach for the City of Naperville and has volunteered his time to education, business and civic organizations. Krishna has also been instrumental in founding the Indian Community Outreach program which hosts the Naperville’s annual India Day Parade. The organization educates, integrates and empowers the Indian American community with the aim of keeping them a part of mainstream American fabric. Krishna is Co-Chair of the Technology Council, and Board Member, of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. He’s the President and CEO of Q1 Technologies, Inc. (Q1Tech), a technology and services company he founded In 2002. He announced his congressional run on November 7, 2019.

Contact: Jon Zahm, 630-946-8683

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