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Never before has an Indian-American candidate ran for the 11th District. It is the second most populated Indian-American District in Illinois. To win District 11 in a Presidential year, it will take approximately 140,000 votes. The Republican base vote is approximately 40 percent or 112,000. The Asian-American voting age population of an estimated 50,000 can provide that margin of victory. This does not account for other minority communities which comprise an additional 35 plus percent of the districts population and independents who are not regular voters. Krishna for Congress is aggressively reaching out to, and better positioned to attract them, than incumbent Foster. Another factor this year is the first Progressive/Liberal challenge from the left of Foster’s career, from Joliet City Councilwoman Rachel Ventura.

To build this significant outreach, donations matter now more than ever. Please donate whatever you can to the fight for our Republic.

This is a winnable race with Krishna Bansal as the Republican nominee.

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Our campaign is building up and has a lot of road ahead. Now is the time for us to push on and help build this incredible movement. Every dollar is one step toward winning.  Please make a donation now and help us win! Thank you for your generosity.

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