Teaquicia Leslie Ward
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I love Krishna! His values and dedication to the 11th district is what we need. Krishna is a man of honor and respect for our country.

Daniel Brinkman
Wayne Township Trustee

What the Republican Party Needs

Krishna is a strong conservative whose example and life story will lead more people to see that conservative values are for everyone.

Neel Sharma
Socomec Inc, National Sales and Marketing Manager

Krishna’s win will be our win

Great young leader with vision, passion and a ton of energy. Have known him for 3 decades.

Jon A. Zahm
Family-PAC Illinois, Field Director

Krishna is a Conservative We Can Count On

Krishna’s views and values, which he has demonstrated in public service, and in private business and his devotion to his family, are stellar. We are fully confident that in Congress he will be a consistent, conservative voice for lower taxes, less government spending, protection of innocent life, and upholding the Constitution.

Raghu Baddi

Can’t wait to see Krishna Bansal as a congressman

Mr. Krishna Bansal is a hardworking, honest, sincere and independent thinker. The current rep from this district has done zero for the district or for the country voting for whatever the party bosses say – not a good trait. In contrast, in Krishna, we will have strong voice representing us in Washington who will support conservative values. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly endorsing Krishna.

Angela Santana

We Need Leaders Who Work for Solutions

I like his style and want to help him get into office. We need to rescue our country from Democrats. The high taxes and horrible debt needs to be fixed.

Manne Lingaiah
Wellness for Happy Life/ Director

Krishna is well qualified and the right candidate for 11th district.

Krishna is a well qualified candidate for this role. His vast experience in community service helps him meet the expectations of the 11th district citizens

Srini Rao

Very active in the community,

Very active in the community, wishing the best.

Vandana Jhingan


He is a doer. What he says he delivers. I know him almost 1.5 decades.

Matthew Keane

Good luck

Krishna seems like the type of hard working American we need to represent Illinois in Washington. I will be supporting you fully in this fight. Thank you for backing our great President as well.

Pavi Agrawal
Will County Republican Precinct Committeemen

Leader with a clear vision.

I have known Krishna for little over 8 years now and I can say that I have not met a person with so much drive and passion for the community. I truly believe that Krishna is the right candidate for the job for congress and I wish him all the best.