Prosecute Corruption in Politics

The cost to our society of corruption drives up the cost of government, by some estimates, as much as 20 percent. Corrupt bureaucrats require payoffs to fulfill basic functions like zoning and road building. Favors by politicians of a donor getting a grant over a non-donor makes the system unbalanced and unfair. Those who abuse […]

Firm Foreign Policy – America First

United States as leader of the Free world needs to have a firm foreign policy to combat terrorism and reverse unfair dealings. America should come first! We need to strengthen borders to keep illegals, drugs and terrorists out

Streamline legal immigration – Strengthen borders to keep illegals, drugs and terrorists out

Legal immigration built America, illegal immigration can destroy America. We need to streamline the legal immigration process to reduce wait times and help qualified, educated legal immigrants, needed to fill high tech, high demand positions, come to America to positively contribute to our economy and culture. We must also tighten the border and end failed […]

Preserve and Protect Social Security and Medicare

A promise was made to people that if you work all your life and contribute to your retirement there would be a safety net for you. We must keep that promise. The rate of return on those investments has been far short of private sector returns. We should allow Americans to invest in their own […]

Improve and Specialize Education, Provide Incentives for STEM & Trades

The traditional education model of all students encouraged to pursue 4 year bachelor degrees is not the success model for today’s economy. We need to forge public/private partnerships to encourage students to specialize in scientific, technology, engineering and mathematical fields. As well, some students with mechanical talents should be directed and incentivized towards trades like […]

Bring Back Manufacturing and Service jobs

Solid careers in the manufacturing sector support and stabilize communities. Producing products in the United States exponentially grows our economy and enriches America, not foreign governments. Federal tax incentives from the Trump administration to allow jobs and factories that have been off-shored, to return, have worked. State governments that have Republican Governors and legislatures, and […]

Keep America safe, Honor our Service Members/Veterans

America will be safe with a strong military, and strong state and local law enforcement. We must stand by our police and fire and first responders, who are on the frontlines. Attacks on these safekeepers of society must be dealt with swiftly and severely. The illegal drug and opioid crisis must be handled thru a […]

Impose Term Limits on all Elected Officials

The idea of career politicians who look out for their donors and special interests over regular Americans, creates a system that works for the political ruling class, not the American people. To ensure new voices are heard and new ideas are cycled in, we should limit federal terms in office to two in the Senate […]